Stump Removal Little Elm, TX

Professional Stump Grinding Little Elm

The stump of a tree that has been removed from a property remains. Don’t worry, at Tree Pros of Little Elm we will make sure to remove the stump as well. A stump grinding machine and operator may grind out a stump. When it comes to removing a tree stump, the first vital consideration is accessibility. If a tree stump is located on a hill, a stump grinder may not be able to reach it then we use chemical methods.

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Why Do You Need Stump Removal Services?

There are a number of reasons why you should get rid of that unsightly stump in your yard or garden. Many people try to remove stumps on their own, but this is risky and should only be done by a professional who has the necessary equipment. The following are the most prevalent reasons for hiring a professional arborist to remove stumps:

  • Stumps detract from the beauty of your yard. Some people use it as a decorative element in their garden, but the majority of people don’t think it’s a good idea and want it gone.
  • Termites, ants, and other pests are attracted to wood, so if you don’t remove a stump, you’re inviting insects into your yard or landscaping. This would leave your other plants and trees more vulnerable to pest harm in the future. Some stumps will continue to grow and produce shoots, which can be ugly in your environment.
  • Furthermore, the branches and roots continue to leech important nutrients from nearby plants and trees, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

What can be expected from our stump removal services?

Stump grinding can be affected by a variety of factors. Fences, landscaping, patios, stairs, structures, and slopes must all be considered while accessing the stump machine. If a tree stump can be accessed for removal, stump grinding devices are particularly efficient. They are outfitted with a toothed grinding wheel. The wheel revolves and is moved back and forth by hydraulics to grind a stump gently. A stump is typically ground out to a depth of around 20 inches below ground level to clear the landscape.

Our team uses industry-standard stump grinding equipment to efficiently remove and grind your tree stump 3-6 inches below the ground level.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is done with big machinery that can weigh up to 1000 pounds. The area around the tree stump is prepared, and the stump is cut as near to the ground as feasible. After that, we begin grinding the stump. Using a stump grinder is difficult and dangerous work, but it is the quickest and easiest way to remove a stump. People who do not wish to use chemicals usually like it.

Chemical Stump Removal

The stump must first be reduced as small as feasible before using this approach. After the stump has been trimmed, multiple holes (approximately 10 to 12 inches deep) are drilled into it and the chemical stump remover is poured into the holes. The stump will become soft and spongy after treatment, making it easier to hatch and remove the stump.