Tree Removal Little Elm, TX

Professional Tree Removal Services

Tree removal can be hazardous and time-consuming. Tree Pros of Little Elm has the correct equipment (aerial buckets, lifts, and cranes if necessary), skill, and training to safely remove large trees from your property without causing damage. Our professional arborists will do a comprehensive inspection and, if necessary, provide a free estimate for tree removal. We’ll arrange with the power company to switch off all power lines, secure all necessary permits, and even tell your neighbors about the work in progress.

Even the most challenging tree removals are no match for our skilled arborists. To provide the best possible care, we work around your landscaping, home, structures, and other trees. We complete the operation fast and safely by employing the right equipment.

We're here to solve your tree problems !!!!

When Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

If you believe the tree is causing a danger to you or your property, tree removal services are required. In any event, do not try to cut down a tree on your own. Doing so would put you, your property, and anyone around you in grave danger. Tree removal is difficult and necessitates the use of sophisticated procedures, specialized equipment, and highly trained arborists. When you see the following indicators of a tree, you need expert tree removal services:

  • It’s either dead or on its way out.
  • It’s unfit for human consumption and infested with sickness and insects.
  • Storm damage has rendered it unsalvageable.
  • It’s encroaching on your home or utility wires.
  • It is obstructing the growth of other trees on your property.
  • It has structural issues such as cracks and rotting on the inside.

What Can Be Expected From Our Tree Removal Services?

When you request a quote from us, one of our arborists will come to your location to assess the site and the tree to give you accurate pricing for tree removal. Upon request, our professionals will offer alternatives to complete tree removal. Send your idea via email or mail, and then follow up to discuss the details and answer your questions. Make an appointment for tree removal services at a time that is suitable for you. We’ll also take care of details like:

  • Collaborating with electricity or service providers
  • Permits to be obtained
  • Notification of neighbors

Safe Tree Removal

We have a proven track record of safety and are fully insured. If an accident occurs, you will not be held accountable for any ensuing injuries or losses as a homeowner. We can build a removal plan that is suited for you and your individual scenario using a variety of equipment and years of experience. To remove your tree swiftly, safely, and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, we may employ an aerial lift bucket, cranes, our unique rigging system, a “clam” truck, or any combination of these tools.

Our skilled arborists have been trained to work safely around and near electrical risks. While they are not electricians, they can distinguish between safe and unsafe work zones, and if necessary, we will collaborate with your electric company to ensure the highest level of safety.